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Prague, June 2018, Epistemology of Wellbeing 

Amsterdam VU, June 2015, Measuring Happiness

Oxford University, July 2012, 

NYU, Center for Bioethics, March 2011, Value of Lives

University of Notre Dame, Nov 1-3, 2009  Value of Lives





Welcome to my philosophy webpage! 

I am Jason Marsh, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at St. Olaf College (about 40 miles south of Minneapolis, USA). You can visit my departmental page here. My research is in ethics (esp. procreative ethics, a sub field of bioethics; population ethics, and science and ethics, including happiness research). I also work on select topics in the philosophy of religion (esp. science and religion, problem of evil, divine hiddenness, and religious epistemology). I have published papers in such journals as Bioethics, The Monist, and Philosophy and Phenomenological Research


My Music

Finally, when I am not teaching philosophy/bioethics or writing articles I also play the guitar and write music for the Jason Marsh Band. We just completed a record. You can check out some of our stuff  here (if you like classical-spanish guitar instrumental) or here (if you like rock, blues, and country with vocals).


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